Sponsored by Sectigo

September 12, 2019

1 PM ET 


Join PKI industry experts Jason Soroko (CTO of IoT) and Tim Callan (Senior Fellow) from Sectigo, to learn how TLS Certificates and Code Signing within CI/CD pipelines help you secure your DevOps environments. During this webinar, Tim and Jason will cover the following key topics, and answer all your questions:

  • Popular containerization and orchestration applications and how they handle PKI on their own (e.g. CA included, plug in your own outside CA, no PKI option)
  • How TLS Certificates and Code Signing fit into all this
  • Orchestration engine integration: container code signing made easy


Tim Callan, Senior Fellow, Sectigo

Tim has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry and the digital certificate space, including leadership positions at VeriSign, DigiCert, Symantec, Melbourne IT, and RetailNext. He was a founding member of the CA/Browser Forum and a Director of the Online Trust Alliance. A frequently published author and prolific blogger, Tim has been an invited speaker at numerous industry conferences.


Jason Soroko, CTO of IoT , Sectigo

Jason has 20 years of experience in the security field. That time has been spent listening to customers, researching,  innovating, educating and contributing to national level guidance, intellectual property development and consortium standards.  Solving real business problems by synthesizing security state of the art with real world operational needs is what Jason does on a daily basis.