Time-Series Sponsored by InfluxDB 

August 21, 2018


Time series data is special — not just in the unique data that it captures, but also in the ways we interact with that data. Time series data is evanescent and voluminous, which is to say, it comes and goes quickly and in great number. That calls for different considerations for storage and retrieval than other types of data.

In this webinar, we will define what time series data is (and isn’t), how the problem domain time series differs from more traditional data workloads like full-text search, how it’s being used in the industry, and the benefits of storing time series data in a time series database.

katyKaty Farmer, DevRel, InfluxData

Katy lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs (at least one of whom talks to her about fun, technical stuff). She loves to experiment with code, break stuff, and try to fix it. She learned to code at Turing School of Software and Design in Denver, CO, and it gave her the perfect chance to break stuff before she knew how to fix it. Ask her about Ruby, OOP, Go, natural language processing, Russian Literature, Star Wars, Dragon Age, chord progressions. For extra credit bring some Sour Patch Kids!