Sponsored by UrbanCode

October 9, 2019

11 AM ET

As DevOps enters its second decade, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Organizations can easily fall into the trap of settling for “good enough” because measuring productivity and flow across varying teams and systems is challenging. That’s where value stream management comes in.

Join HCL UrbanCode leaders, Brian Muskoff and Steve Boone, for a conversation about scaling your DevOps strategy by focusing on data and culture through value stream management. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is value stream management and how it works in a DevOps culture
  • How to harvest opportunity from your DevOps pain points
  • The resources you need to successfully implement a value stream management approach

This webinar is especially beneficial for technology executives, transformation leaders and DevOps managers who are responsible for their DevOps strategic direction.


Brian Muskoff

Director, HCL UrbanCode

Brian Muskoff is the director and engineering head for UrbanCode, where he leads product teams to create tools that streamline the flow of software change through the delivery pipeline.

Brian joined HCL in February 2018 as part of the IP Partnership deal with IBM. He joined IBM in April 2013 with the UrbanCode acquisition where he was director of operations responsible for professional services, technical product support and back office functions. Brian’s product development leadership experience includes, FedEx, CSC, and as COO at Moss Corporation, a high growth online marketing startup.

Brian graduated from Case Western Reserve University with an MBA and Ohio University with a Bachelors of Industrial and System Engineering.




Steve Boone

Head of Product Management, HCL UrbanCode

Steve Boone is the product owner and development manager for UrbanCode Deploy, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and management of UrbanCode’s flagship product.

For more than a decade, Steve has helped hundreds of companies adopt agile best practices and strategies for DevOps while working for UrbanCode through both IBM and HCL channels. He speaks regularly at industry events on the topic of DevOps transformation, Continuous Delivery best practices and Agile adoption.

Steve graduated from the University of Mount Union with a BS in Computer Science and Business.