Sponsored by Broadcom

(CA Technologies)

December 12, 2019

11 AM ET

Developers can now use these popular, dev-friendly tools with mainframe applications.  Join this session to learn how to use GitHub and VS Code with mainframe-native code and languages like COBOL. For developers already familiar with these tools, mainframe development becomes more like other platforms.  For mainframe developers new to these tools, combining their productivity and collaboration benefits with access to a broad array of devops tool opens a world of possibilities.

The presenters will demonstrate GitHub with the Git bridge to CA Endevor, the dominant mainframe-native SCM, allowing next-generation developers to work alongside their peers who use traditional tools.  The Zowe open source extension for Visual Studio Code, which enables additional interactions with the mainframe without ever seeing a green screen, will also be demonstrated.


Vaughn Marshall, Product Manager, Broadcom



Phil Holleran, Solutions Engineer, GitHub