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Using Cloud Migration To Increase Your CX Agility
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Customer expectations are quickly evolving, which means that creating superior customer experiences in your contact center is more important than ever before. In fact, 86% of customers say that they trust a brand more if it provides an excellent customer service experience, according to Accenture. A key part of delivering that experience is investing in technology built specifically to improve customer and agent satisfaction.

In this program, learn about the changing contact center landscape and the opportunity to create long-term business value and ensure customer loyalty. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Accenture will share actionable guidance for migrating your contact center to the cloud and how they have helped customers build a scalable, flexible contact center with Amazon Connect.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Meet evolving customer expectations and ensure business resilience
  • Accelerate your contact center modernization with Amazon Connect
  • Create personalized customer journeys that drive growth

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Nathan George
Connected Customer Experience Lead - AWS
Nathan has 25 years’ experience in the contact center software industry, starting new lines of businesses and building strategic partnerships for AWS, Verint and Siemens. Having previously been responsible for building AWS’ contact center partnerships in EMEA, he currently leads AWS’ contact center business development with Accenture for the region, centered on Amazon Connect and the assets and accelerators that Accenture have built around it.  
Shawn Guenther
Global Connected Customer Experience Lead - Accenture
Shawn is the Global Market Lead for Accenture’s Connected Customer Experience (CCE) play where he leads market strategy, technical solutioning, and software development activities for customer engagement and omni-channel contact center modernization architectures that help clients form better, more lasting, more profitable relationships with their customers. He has over 25 years’ experience in executive leadership, product management, hands-on IT architecture, and software development in the contact center and advanced customer engagement space. Shawn specializes in security, transformation, and migration, having delivered countless solutions that service hundreds of millions of people around the world every day.
Dilnisin Bayel
Global Advanced Customer Engagement Lead - Accenture SONG
Dilnisin  Bayel is the Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement Global & European Lead, helping companies drive value and growth by transforming their customers’ and workforce experience and deliver AI-driven engaging, personalized omnichannel interactions at all steps of their journey.
Duncan Baldwin
Product Lead, Remote Advice Platforms - Citizens Advice
After a career in law, fashion and professional sport, Duncan has spent the last 11 years delivering transformative change across the charity sector. Delivering everything from CRM implementations to logistics platforms to contact centres, Duncan has experience of supporting complex operations with flexible business-oriented technology. Duncan joined Citizens Advice in 2019 and has been leading their work to transform their contact centre capabilities since 2021.