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When Connections are Magic: Understanding Performance in Serverless


Think About Your Audience Before Choosing a Webinar Title

Sponsored by lightstep

Tuesday, February 4
11am EST

Observability! Cloud Functions! APIs! What could go wrong?!

While researching the performance of object storage APIs there appeared to be custom run time magic happening, leading to significant performance differences. Further research showed that it was *not magic*, but lead to even more questions.

Working with modern systems means network connections, many of them. Understanding how those connections impact your customer's experience can be difficult. Distributed tracing helps isolate what parts of the system are failing, but when only implemented at the RPC level the reasons for and scope of network induced issues can be lost. See how network level insights can be integrated into distributed traces and hear how to effectively practice iterative observability from the specific case of this research to a general framework for investigation.

James Burns
Head of Research - LightStep
From network load balancers to FPGAs to ASICs to embedded security to cloud ops at scale, James has seen how systems work but, more interestingly, how they fail. He is passionate about sharing what he's learned to level up teams, make developers happier, and improve customer experiences. He believes that "if it ain't broke, break it so you know how to fix it," should be the motto of developers, devops, and SRE everywhere.

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