Success.jpg  January 10, 2018


Basic DevOps automation and orchestration is not enough anymore to drive DevOps success. Enterprise organizations must think about continuous improvement, value stream visibility and measurement, real-time compliance and more. Kick off the new year and join Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager at CollabNet, to talk about the top five DevOps themes you should consider as you set a course for DevOps success in 2018.

You will learn about how to make your DevOps practices  go beyond the fundamental requirements by:

  • Making your work visible
  • Measurements that enable the business to get good at getting better
  • Constructing the business value as the common currency across the enterprise
  • Utilize configuration as code so the business investment in version control tools & practices are not limited to production applications
  • And, more!


Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager at CollabNet

Daniel is a Product Manager at CollabNet. He spends his time building tools for developers as well as furthering CollabNet's DevOps offering through the Continuum platform. Daniel is an avid soccer fan and enjoys traveling with his wife & two boys as well as cooking, languages, and craft beer.