victorops.jpgJune 7, 2017


Managing incidents in a DevOps environment is a near insurmountable task. With shared responsibilities and on-call rotations, anyone might be called into a system firefight at any time. Accepting failure and the problems created with complex system is a core tenet of DevOps thinking, and helping your team respond to incidents more effectively is key.

 Matthew Boeckman has served on the frontlines of DevOps incident management for 19 years. He’s seen it all and is an expert on building teams and workflows to support effective alerting, clear communication, and rapid recovery.

Join Matthew as he reviews essential practices for DevOps teams looking to optimize their incident management across the full incident lifecycle. Topics on the agenda include:

  • Incident detection - developing a blended detection process
  • Incident response - making alerts actionable, escalations, and automation
  • Incident remediation - runbooks as living documents, change management, collaboration
  • Incident analysis - what metrics to track, effective post-mortems
  • Incident readiness - prioritizing efforts based on analysis

 Webinar registrants will also receive a free copy of Matthew’s recently released eBook, “The Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management”.

kyle.jpgMatthew Boeckman

Technology Strategist, VictorOps

Matthew is an 18-year veteran building infrastructure and leading engineering teams. Despite his heavy Ops background, Matthew has been a longtime friend of Developers and considers DevOps his primary passion and focus. Most recently VP of Infrastructure at Craftsy, Matthew is now a Developer Advocate with VictorOps - providing focused consulting and content for teams looking to expand their DevOps practice.