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 Hybrid clouds are more than a technology shift; multiclouds, containers and the DevOps approach of automating continuous integration and delivery of code impacts traditional security processes, policies and technologies. How will organizations retool their approach for the hybrid cloud environment? How will DevSecOps, cloud-delivered security solutions and workload-centricity impact priorities?

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the hybrid cloud security challenges and priorities.
2: Understand the impact of DevSecOps to automate securing hybrid clouds.
3: Learn how organizations are retooling processes, policies and tech for hybrid clouds.


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Doug Cahill

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Doug Cahill is a Senior Analyst covering cybersecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group drawing upon more than 25 years of industry experience across a broad range of cloud, host and network-based products and markets. Prior to joining ESG, Cahill held executive leadership positions at security firms Threat Stack and Bit9 (now Carbon Black) where he launched market-leading products and forged strategic partnerships. Over the course of his career, Cahill has also served in product management, marketing and business development roles for cybersecurity, storage management, networking and database vendors, and started his career in IT as a Business Analyst.



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