Logging-Monitoring-Metrics Sponsored by LogDNA

November 15, 2018

3 PM ET 


LogDNA is uniquely positioned to have enabled thousands of customers to gain deep insights into their DevOps infrastructure. As the industry has shifted to microservices and Kubernetes we have helped our customers migrate and deploy world-class infrastructure. Based on our experience we see three main pillars when it comes to the future of DevOps: Monitoring, Analytics, and Logging.

Our session will walk you through how we see each of these areas evolving and discuss some best practices on how logging will play a critical role in the future of DevOps. We will cover - The Evolution of DevOps (Logging, Monitoring, and Analytics) - How to manage your DevOps costs as your data volume scales - Why log management will be critical to the future of DevOps Speakers.



Chris Nguyen, CEO &
Co-Founder, LogDNA




Norman Hsieh, Head of Business Development, LogDNA