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  July 26, 2018



Join Christian Weber, GitHub, David Federlein, RedHat Ansible and Tracy Ragan, DeployHub for a panel discussion on the evolution of continuous delivery to full Continuous Deployments. Now that Continuous Delivery has been embraced by most organizations, it is the perfect time to begin discussing how DevOps and Continuous Deployments can be driven by the CI/CD process.   Hear from the experts on what changes you will need to embrace in order to support the transformation from monolithic software releases to the 'micro' platforms.


Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub

Ms. Ragan has had extensive experience in the development and implementation of DevOps for large organizations. Her knowledge and experience contributed to the creation of OpenMake Meister, the first commercial Build Automation solution, and DeployHub, the first open source Application Release Automation solution. Ms. Ragan served on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors as an Add-in Provider Representative for 5 years. She has been published on numerous occasions and regularly speaks at conferences including CA World where she presented for 15 consecutive years. She holds a BS Degree in Business Administration, Computer Technology from California State University, Pomona.



Christian Weber, Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Christian Weber is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub! After spending several years in Finance doing various Dev and Ops related things, Christian focuses on supercharging organization's software development practices by utilizing GitHub as a collaboration platform. Christian focuses on Collaboration, Release Management and Automation as vehicles for organizational success.






David Federlein, Red Hat Ansible

David Federlein has been with Ansible since 2013 and is the former global head of support for Red Hat Ansible Automation. David is currently a Senior Manager for Product Management enabling technical resources in partners and the community to integrate with Ansible.