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Designing a secure DevOps workflow is tough: Developers, testers, IT security teams, and managers all have different control points within the software development lifecycle. Additionally, each application in development and production has a unique profile and features. Then you have the different types of organizations which have different maturity levels and needs: Retail has different day-to-day priorities than Finance or Healthcare, although all industries are united by a need to defend against the current threat landscape of data breaches and ransomware.

 How do you find the right touch points? How do you build application security into your DevOps workflow successfully, turning the workflow from a process into a program?

Join us to discover:

  • How to design the right DevOps controls based on your organizational priorities
  • Best practices for introducing new security controls in DevOps workflows
  • Gating decisions for applications via newly established DevOps workflows
  • The most common risks of a newly developed DevSecOps initiative


Siamak (Max) Pazirandeh, Chief Architect at WhiteHat Security Inc. 

Siamak (Max) Pazirandeh is a founding engineer and currently Chief Architect at WhiteHat Security Inc. With 14 years of experience in SAAS Security products at WhiteHat, he has been focused on web security scanning, scalability and DevOps automation.