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Solving the Kubernetes Complexity Gap by Optimizing With Machine Learning


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Panel discussion and new product announcement, featuring RedMonk Co-Founder James Governor and StormForge CEO Matt Provo. As organizations reach Day 2 Kubernetes operations, they run into several challenges. One of those is scaling efficiently, ensuring application performance and availability without wasted resources, money or time. Optimization is a high priority, but how can organizations do it without manual, trial-and-error application tuning?

Thankfully, new advances in the use of machine learning for Kubernetes optimization make it easy to achieve peak efficiency. Hear from RedMonk Co-Founder James Governor and learn about a new offering from StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes optimization, that will revolutionize the way organizations achieve cloud-native efficiency.

In this webinar, you will:

  • See why optimization is such a challenge in Kubernetes environments and the impact of inefficient application configurations
  • Learn how machine learning can go beyond human abilities to provide insights and recommendations to improve efficiency by 50% or more
  • See StormForge’s new offering in action and learn how it addresses Kubernetes efficiency in a whole new way
Matt Provo
CEO - StormForge
Matt Provo is a three-time founder who has dedicated his career to building world class-products and leading high-performance teams while at Apple, Invisible Children (co-founder), and ParkedIn (founder & CEO - exit); Matt is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School.
Matt is currently the founder and CEO of StormForge, a Series B company who has raised $70M in capital and is backed by Insight Partners. StormForge was built with an unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to empower people, not replace them. The StormForge platform is transforming how enterprise teams optimize applications running on Kubernetes. It allows enterprises deploying on Kubernetes to intelligently breeze through billions of possible parameter and settings combinations, quickly pinpointing the best possible configurations for their unique workloads.
StormForge’s mission is to reduce the devastating environmental impact of carbon emissions by delivering automatic cloud efficiency at scale, fighting back against the nearly 100 million metric tons of CO2 data centers emit annually.
In addition to this important work at StormForge, Matt is an active angel investor, loves the art of craft brewing, almost all Boston sports, and spending time outside exploring with his family.
James Governor
Co-Founder - RedMonk
James Governor is co-founder of RedMonk, the only developer-focused industry analyst firm. Based in London, he advises clients on practitioner-led technology adoption and engineering, open source, community and technology strategy. James came up with the term "Progressive Delivery.” "Motivating in a surreal kind of way." He is also a vermouth advocate.
Charley Dublin
Vice President of Product Management - Acquia
Charley Dublin is Vice President of Product Management at Acquia. He is a results-oriented and versatile technology executive with 20+ years of experience in the US, Europe and Asia. Charley has developed strong organizations in professional services, engineering, operations, data science and product development, with outstanding execution against objectives in each area. He holds an MBA from MIT and BS in AIS from Virginia Tech. He lives with his wife and three kids in Wellesley, MA.
Rich Bentley
VP of Product Marketing - StormForge
Rich is the VP of Product Marketing at StormForge. He's been in the IT space for over 30 years, starting as a developer and then doing product marketing for several software companies including Dynatrace, Altiris, and Perceptive Software. Residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Rich has an MBA from the University of Michigan and is a diehard Detroit and UM sports fan.

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