March 20, 2018


There couldn’t be much more at stake for enterprises when it comes to succeeding at their DevOps transformation efforts. Organizations today run on software and online services and those organizations that excel at software delivery will excel at their business. This webinar, based on the eBook of the same title, provides insight into some of the most common roadblocks enterprises face as they make the transformation and details whether you are on the right track and how to succeed in overcoming the challenges most every enterprise faces.



TJ Headshot.png

T.J. Randall

Vice President of Customer Success

T.J. Randall is the street-smart DevOps technologist and business-minded VP behind XebiaLabs’ Customer Success team. T.J. combines hands-on engineering experience with a passion for studying the intersections of business and technology. At XebiaLabs, he routinely partners with global enterprises to implement successful DevOps strategies. T.J. has also helped scores of IT professionals develop practical, cost-effective DevOps models that win support from executive management and colleagues across their organizations.