Sponsored by Wallarm

September 18, 2019


While DevOps is becoming a new norm for most of the companies, security is typically still behind. The new architectures create a number of new process considerations and technical issues. In this practical talk, we will present an overview of the practical issues that go into making security a part of DevOps processes. Will cover incorporating security into existing CI/CD pipelines and tools DevOps professionals need to know to implement the automation and adhere to secure coding practices.

Join Stepan Ilyin, Chief Product Officer at Wallarm for an engaging conversation where you’ll learn:

  • Methodologies and tooling for dynamic and static security testing
  • Composite and OSS license analysis benefits
  • Secrets and analysis and secrets management approaches in distributed applications
  • Security automation and integration in CI/CD
  • Apps, APIs and workloads protection in cloud-native K8s enabled environments


Stephan IIyin, Chief Product Officer, Wallarm

Stepan Ilyin is one of the founders and Chief Product Officer at Wallarm. He has over 10 years of experience in the security industry and is a well-known security strategist with extensive experience producing thought-leadership publications (over 500 pieces published) and conference presentations.