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Security and Assurance for AWS Fargate Containers: A How-To Session


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Containers-as-a-service, like AWS Fargate, have proven to be a valuable mechanism for DevOps teams to build and deploy complex applications at scale. By removing the need for infrastructure management and security, customers can also streamline their deployment using AWS Fargate with Amazon EKS. However, customers are still responsible for Fargate container runtime security and for ensuring that the code and applications that run on the containers are secure and free of vulnerabilities.

In this webinar, we will cover how DevOps teams can more easily automate and take advantage of AWS Fargate services to speed the delivery cycle while still ensuring that security teams can manage risk and secure their containers in runtime, including:

  • How AWS customers are securely using Fargate for operational agility and to accelerate deployment
  • How shift left security integrated with AWS Fargate pipelines can help reduce the attack surface and prioritize vulnerability remediation
  • How to use cloud-native concepts like assurance policies for images and configuration policies for secure and compliant automation
  • How security teams can ensure attack prevention at runtime to prevent unauthorized activities and zero-day attacks without disrupting applications
Steven Follis
Steven Follis - Containers Specialist - AWS
Steven Follis is a containers specialist at AWS, where he works closely with customers and engineering teams focused on deploying serverless containers with AWS Fargate. Prior to AWS he focused on enterprise adoption of containers at Docker Inc. and cloud architecture at Microsoft Azure.
Farhan Mohsin
Partner Solutions Architect - Aqua Security
Farhan Mohsin is a solutions architect responsible for Aqua’s Channel, GSI and Tech Alliances partners. Farhan has more than a decade’s experience in the fields of IT security and IT/OT industrial automation, and joined Aqua from Exxon Mobil where he was an Upstream IT automation solution architect. 

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