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Secure Your Pipeline While Keeping Your Developers and Admins Happy


Think About Your Audience Before Choosing a Webinar Title

Sponsored by Red hat & tremolo security

Thursday, February 6
1pm EST

Your pipeline is the glue that holds your infrastructure and automation platforms together. Securing it is essential to protecting against software supply chain attacks and when done properly provides a much better experience for both your developers and administrators.

In this session, we'll look at common issues we've seen in large enterprises when securing their pipelines and how adding an identity layer to those pipelines streamlined the deployment process with higher levels of assurance and faster audits.

Marc Boorshtein
CTO - Tremolo Security
Marc has over a decade of identity and access management experience as a software engineer, product developer and consultant. Marc is experienced building, deploying and managing identity systems from all major vendors across numerous industries.  Marc has also spent time deploying identity systems in the federal government as well as in the private sector.  This deep experience is the foundation for Tremolo Security’s products.


What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

You’ve probably written a hundred abstracts in your day, but have you come up with a template that really seems to resonate? Go back through your past webinar inventory and see what events produced the most registrants. Sure – this will vary by topic but what got their attention initially was the description you wrote.

Paint a mental image of the benefits of attending your webinar. Often times this can be summarized in the title of your event. Your prospects may not even make it to the body of the message, so get your point across immediately.  Capture their attention, pique their interest, and push them towards the desired action (i.e. signing up for your event). You have to make them focus and you have to do it fast. Using an active voice and bullet points is great way to do this.

Always add key takeaways. Something like this....In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • You know you’ve cringed at misspellings and improper grammar before, so don’t get caught making the same mistake.
  • Get a second or even third set of eyes to review your work.
  • It reflects on your professionalism even if it has nothing to do with your event.