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Scaling API Security Design Patterns With Kong And AWS
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As organizations increasingly rely on APIs to power their applications and services, API security has become a top priority. But making sure your APIs are secure from the very beginning - from the design stage - can be complicated. There are numerous architectural designs available when designing and building applications and it can be challenging to know which are the most secure and scalable.

Kong Konnect provides a modular approach to building an API Gateway on AWS, including multiple use cases and architectural patterns. In this session, we will dive into how to implement robust and scalable API security solutions to make sure you're safeguarding your digital assets in an increasingly interconnected world. This session also covers security space use cases, their respective architectural design patterns and best practices. 

You will learn:

  • How to correlate use cases with Kong on AWS architectural patterns
  • Best practices for using Kong on AWS and the respective architectural patterns
  • Prescriptive guidance for implementing security at scale with Kong and AWS

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Anuj Sharma
Solution Architect - AWS
Anuj Sharma has been building on AWS for over 7 years. He has hands-on industry experience for over 15 years in application and infrastructure development. When not developing, he likes to hike around Mt Rainier.
Claudio Acquaviva
Software Architect - Kong
Claudio Acquaviva's been having fun at Kong for the last 5 years. He's currently focused on API Management, Microservices and Service Mesh, monolith to microservices migration projects on OnPremises and Cloud Computing Hybrid environments.