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Progressive (Canary) Delivery for Reliable Deployments: A Panel Discussion With Netflix, Snap, AWS, and Playstation


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Thursday, August 26, 2021
3 p.m. ET

What is Progressive Delivery? You’ve probably heard of continuous delivery (CD) and may even have implemented it at your company. But the value CD offers to your business is rooted in safe, reliable deployments so your production and engineering teams can feel empowered to make changes rapidly without negatively affecting your customer base. Companies like Netflix pioneered a concept called progressive delivery and built it into their in-house version of Spinnaker, the OSS platform powering thousands of enterprises’ CD.

In this discussion, we’ll hear from Andy Glover, director of productivity engineering at Netflix, about how they’ve implemented progressive delivery and the benefits it provides Netflix. Andy will be joined by engineering leaders from AWS, Snap and Playstation who are also implementing progressive delivery to enable safer deployments for their developers.

Andy Glover
Director of Productivity Engineering - Netflix
Andrew Glover is the Director of Productivity Engineering at Netflix. Before joining Netflix, he served as the CTO of App47, where he led the development of a SaaS Mobile Application Management platform. He is the founder of the 2009 Jolt award winning Easy Behavior-Driven Development framework and is the co-author of a number of books including 2008's Jolt award winning Continuous Integration, Groovy in Action and Java Testing Patterns.
Paul Roberts
Principal Solutions Architect - AWS
Paul is a principal solutions architect with AWS who is helping customers leverage open source technologies to move their businesses to the cloud. He has previously spoken at the Spinnaker Summit, cdCon, OSCon and re:Invent. He works closely with the VC and startup community to help them with all things open source. Paul has published multiple blogs focused on CI/CD, developer productivity, AI/ML and data center automation. When Paul isn’t diving deep into technology, he can often be found in Lake Tahoe with his family mountain biking or riding dirt bikes competitively.
Kartik Dadwal
Senior Product Manager - Armory
Kartik Dadwal is part of the product management team at Armory, leading the company’s Kubernetes product charter. Before Armory, Kartik built his own startup doing analytics in edtech. He also had the incredible fortune of being part of the product team at Aruba (HPE) where he helped build the company’s first cloud-native AIOps platform used by hundreds of enterprise customers around the world. Kartik received his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and his M.S. in Computer Engineering from SJSU. Outside work, he loves to stay active - doing kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, climbing and horseback riding.
Pere Kyle
Software Engineer - Snap
Pere Kyle is a software engineer for Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat and Bitmoji, both popular social media platforms seeing over 229MM daily active users. Pere brings over 13 years of software development experience to his current role at Snap as a member of the service infrastructure team, responsible for Snap's in-house service mesh. Pere has been responsible for Snap’s software deployment tooling since joining the company in 2017, focusing on continuous delivery of Snapchat’s core back end software. Most recently, Pere has led the effort to adopt Spinnaker as the preferred deployment tool across all engineering teams. Pere is a regular at Spinnaker SIG meetings and has contributed multiple features to Spinnaker OSS (offset canaries, node aware deployments) as a result of his work at Snap. He resides in sunny Seattle, Washington, and is an apprentice winemaker in his spare time.
Matt Richardson
Manager, DevOps CICD - Sony Playstation
Matt is an experienced software engineer turned manager working with an amazing engineering enablement team at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Passionate about automation and continuous improvement, Matt and his team have built and evolved workflow and deployment pipelines targeting the platforms and runtimes that make up PlayStation Network. The team continues to innovate, leveraging the benefits of progressive delivery to safely deploy value to our customers.

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