July 12, 2017


For DevOps efforts to be a true success, it’s crucial to have real-time performance monitoring and metrics that can be reviewed and shared across teams. By accessing real-time and historical metrics, from architecture and application performance, to customer experience and business metrics – you can ensure you are meeting all of your technology and business objectives. Electric Cloud and Dynatrace have partnered up to bring tight integrations to your CI/CD and release pipelines, with ElectricFlow and Dynatrace AppMon. Dynatrace AppMon’s test automation integration stops bad code in its tracks by inspecting key performance and architectural metrics. Now, if a deployment makes it into production but shows problems, the ElectricFlow integration allows AppMon to trigger an automatic rollback or other actions to make sure the system can self-heal. Teammates can collaborate easier and faster, with shared insights, and leaders benefit from knowing that everyone is aligned and moving toward the same goals. In this webinar, we will give a live demonstration on release automation by pushing code changes through the ElectricFlow pipeline.


Andi Grabner Performance Advocate at Dynatrace

Andreas Grabner has 15+ years’ experience as an architect and developer in the Java and .NET space and is an advocate for high-performing applications. He is a regular contributor to large performance communities and a frequent speaker at technology conferences, regularly publishes articles on blog.dynatrace.com. Blog: blog.dynatrace.com. Twitter: @grabnerandi. We encourage you to learn more about Dynatrace, DevOps and Continuous Delivery at any one of these locations:

  • Dynatrace Scaling DevOps for Cloud: dynatrace.com/solutions/devops/
  • Dynatrace Blog on DevOps: dynatrace.com/blog/category/devops/
  • Dynatrace Resource Center on DevOps: resources.dynatrace.com/


Anand Ahire General Manager, DevOps Release Automation

Anand Ahire is the General Manager of our DevOps Release Automation solution. He is responsible for the product management, strategy and execution of ElectricFlow. For last 20 years Anand has led market dominating products in the DevOps, IT Service Management and CRM domains. Prior to Electric Cloud, he led product management at BMC Software and eGain Communications.

Anand holds an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.