Island2.jpgJuly 25, 2017

1pm ET 

IT toolstacks keep growing, with specialized tools that improve the efficiency of the business analysts, developers, testers, and service desk reps involved in the software delivery value stream. The problem is: NOTHING IS FLOWING! Tasktop was no exception. We struggled with the lack of visibility, communication bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste created by a disconnected toolchain. In this webinar, we’ll describe the problems we faced and how we’ve solved them with relative ease through automation across our value stream.







Rob Elves, Sr.
Director of Product Management, Tasktop

Robert Elves is co-founder and Senior Director of Product Management at Tasktop Technologies. Early in his career, Robert worked with business systems that were not integrated and continuously frustrated users. This motivated him to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science, and subsequently co-found Tasktop to create a way to connect people and tools across the software development and delivery value stream. Now, with over a decade of experience, Robert is well versed in all aspects of software engineering and possess a keen eye for ascertaining the business needs of customers, Robert is now focused on designing and driving the vision for the future of Tasktop’s products. You can find Robert on Twitter at @RobertElves and LinkedIn at


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John Rauser, IT Manager, Tasktop

John Rauser is the IT Manager at Tasktop Technologies. He is an active member of his community, serving on the boards of the Project Management Institute, Canadian West Coast Chapter as VP Operations, and the Vancouver Maker Foundation as Director of Sponsorship. John has a passion for cultural and management issues in technology, and to loves to read about and discuss business management strategies. You can find John on Twitter at @jrause and on LinkedIn at