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Think About Your Audience Before Choosing a Webinar Title

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The management of APIs continues to increase in complexity as the number of APIs explodes. Organizations require an effortless solution to guarantee secure, reliable and efficient connections of services across all types of environments. In light of the present economic challenges, smart investment in areas with a track record of boosting productivity and efficiency, and doubling down on modernization efforts is more important than ever.

In this workshop, Anuj Sharma, solution architect at AWS, Claudio Acquaviva, software architect at Kong, and Smriti Jaggi, senior product manager at Kong will demonstrate the ways Konnect can help your organization adopt a federated API management model throughout their lifecycle, and show how the API Gateway pattern can be used for modernization with Kong to:
  • Decentralize Applications and Services - Break down monoliths into services or build new applications with distributed architectures to accelerate your journey to microservices, Kubernetes and service mesh.
  • Secure and Govern APIs and Services - Provide consistent security, governance and compliance across APIs and services.
  • Create a Developer Platform - Provide an internal developer platform built for distributed architectures.
  • Offload critical and complex processing out of services and microservices.

Attendees will follow the AWS Setup, Kong Konnect, Kong Konnect Service Hub, Kong Konnect Runtime Manager, Kong Plugins, and Monitoring.
  • This workshop requires a free trial Kong Konnect Plus subscription and an AWS account where there is IAM user/identity that has proper permissions to set up the necessary AWS components to work through the workshop, as well as introductory knowledge in Kubernetes. The facilitators will provide temporary AWS accounts to the first 100 attendees, to be used for the duration of the workshop, so that attendees can get hands-on.
  • Kong Konnect Enterprise is a service connectivity platform that provides technology teams at multi-cloud and hybrid organizations the “architectural freedom” to build APIs and services anywhere. Kong’s service connectivity platform provides a flexible, technology-agnostic platform that supports any cloud, platform, protocol and architecture. Kong Konnect Enterprise supports the full lifecycle of service management, enabling users to easily design, test, secure, deploy, monitor, monetize and version their APIs.
Anuj Sharma
Solution Architect - AWS
Anuj Sharma has been building on AWS for over 7 years. He has hands-on industry experience for over 15 years in application and infrastructure development. When not developing, he likes to hike around Mt Rainier.
Claudio Acquaviva
Software Architect - Kong
Claudio Acquaviva is currently focused on API management, microservices and service mesh, monolith to microservices migration projects on OnPremises and cloud computing hybrid environments.
Smriti Jaggi
Senior Product Manager - Kong
Smriti Jaggi is a senior product manager focused on Kong’s SaaS offering - Konnect. Her primary area of focus is providing platform flexibility to customers to adopt Kong’s latest offerings without significant overhead.

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Paint a mental image of the benefits of attending your webinar. Often times this can be summarized in the title of your event. Your prospects may not even make it to the body of the message, so get your point across immediately.  Capture their attention, pique their interest, and push them towards the desired action (i.e. signing up for your event). You have to make them focus and you have to do it fast. Using an active voice and bullet points is great way to do this.

Always add key takeaways. Something like this....In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • You know you’ve cringed at misspellings and improper grammar before, so don’t get caught making the same mistake.
  • Get a second or even third set of eyes to review your work.
  • It reflects on your professionalism even if it has nothing to do with your event.