February 6, 2018


 Performance and DevOps pros can sometimes get tunnel vision with regard to their day-to-day objectives by focusing on alerts and ignoring other relevant performance metrics. In this talk, Tom Gerhard of Priceline will demonstrate why it’s important to measure things above and beyond those that have alerts tied to them. By establishing baselines and providing context for your digital infrastructure, you can:

  • Better understand the alerts that you receive
  • Discover unexpected problems
  • Drive changes in your infrastructure
  • Keep vendors accountable




Priceline - Tom Gerhard.jpg

Tom Gerhard,

Fellow, Logging & Monitoring,

Tom Gerhard serves as a technology fellow at, currently focusing on logging and monitoring. He has run projects of all sizes and enjoys the challenges of a project that has both technical and organizational aspects, especially if the team will let him commit code on occasion.