Sponsored by ShiftLeft

February 6, 2019



Understanding how data flows into, across components, and out of an application is critical for security and performance. Yet, modern software development is making data flow and data leakage identification increasingly complex. Faster release cycles, leveraging modular architectures/microservices, open source libraries and APIs makes it harder to understand the totality of how critical data is handled. For example, is personally identifiable information or device tokens being logged in Splunk? Are hard-coded credentials being pushed to GitHub? Is a microservice storing decrypted payment card information in S3? Lastly, for organizations with EU resident data, GDPR has significantly expanded the definition of what sensitive information is. Thus, the challenge of managing flows is further exacerbated.

This webinar will explain the challenges of mapping critical data flows and how semantic graphing techniques can provide new insights through visualization, as well as, identifying external leakages.


Etan Lightstone

VP of Product Design, ShiftLeft