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Managing API Security at Scale With Gluu and Tyk


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Sponsored by Gluu and Tyk

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With API-first products becoming the norm in the modern digital landscape, building APIs has grown in importance. However, that is just one step in the lifecycle of an API. API security, i.e. controlling access to API and exposing APIs in a secure manner, should be top priority. Beyond API security, organizations also need to consider API quotas, versioning, monitoring, analytics and cataloging to become a truly successful API-first business.

This panel discussion will feature Gluu, one of the leaders in identity and access management and Tyk, a leading cloud-native, full-lifecycle API management platform, as they look at some of the trends, challenges and case studies around managing API security at scale.

Mike Schwartz
CEO and Founder - Gluu
Mike has been an entrepreneur and digital identity expert for more than two decades. The company he founded, Gluu, is one of the leaders in modern digital identity—the Gluu platform is relied on by large enterprise customers and governments worldwide. In addition to his role as founder of Gluu, he is the author of the 2018 Apress book, "Securing the Perimeter," and is the host of the podcast Open Source Underdogs.
Budha Bhattacharya
Product Evangelist - Tyk
Budha is a Product Evangelist showcasing the capabilities of Tyk and how it drives business success for clients through webinars, podcasts and articles. With a background in both technology and business, he is passionate about solving problems at scale and building a connected world through APIs.
Sedky Abou-Shamalah
Solutions Architect - Tyk
Sedky is a full-stack developer and solutions architect by trade and a serial technologist at heart. As a Solutions Architect at Tyk, he helps companies design and architect API management platforms and digital transformation journeys. He has expertise across many disciplines, from software development to solutions architecting, DevOps and cloud architecture. Sedky graduated with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science Degree from the University of Western Ontario.

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