Sponsored by InfluxData

Octber 4, 2018

3 PM ET 

Sudokrew is a software solutions provider with a focus on developing technology for the renewable energy industry with data-driven tools. They’ve built a Clean Energy Storage Device Management and Battery intelligence software solution, and will be sharing their experience with our audience. In this webinar, Jason Sewell and Tony Gaskell from Sudokrew will share how the were able to leverage InfluxDB to create a solution to gather metrics that help monitor and control the storage units remotely, extending the life of the battery, tracking vital warranty metrics, improving the experience of the user, and offering superior customer service.



Jason Sewell

Solutions Architect / Co-Founder | Sudokrew


Jason has over 15 years experience as a full stack web developer, working across many systems in both enterprise and startup environments and accidentally got into DevOps roles as a byproduct of working on small/understaffed teams. Current responsibilities/interests include microservices architecture design, AWS DevOps, DevSecOps workflow integration and penetration testing.