Sponsored by DeployHub

March 20, 2019

3 PM ET 

Kubernetes pipelines are about to change the way we do things.  Kubernetes and Microservices will drive us away from our old pipeline habits to a much leaner method of software development. 

This webinar will identify what changes to expect  in your pipeline workflows when moving to a Kubernetes model with independently deployable microservices.

You will learn how your CI/CD workflow will be impacted and what to begin thinking about for this future modern architecture. 

Lets just say, we have work to do!


Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub

DeployHub empowers development teams to catalog, publish, and deploy microservices across the organization, quickly, safely on a hosted (SaaS) platform. Tracy has extensive experience in managing the application life cycle, particularly the build (compile and link) process. She takes this knowledge and applies it to the new world of Kubernetes and service mesh where linking is done at run time. DeployHub offers a free hosted version of their microservices publishing platform. You can sign up at www.DeployHub.com

Learn more about Tracy at https://www.deployhub.com/tracy-ragan/ or follow her on twitter at @TracyRagan