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June 20, 2018

11 AM ET 

Automation and containerization can help you build faster and deliver continuously but can also make managing what’s inside your containers challenging. By integrating Black Duck with Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise, you can scan all images that materialize into OpenShift automatically regardless of registry source.  This integration provides visibility into all of the third party open-source software that compose your containers.   Images and Pods are labelled with Black Duck vulnerability and policy information and are continuously updated as new vulnerabilities are published.

Join experts from Black Duck by Synopsys and Red Hat as we explore how to build containers safely without sacrificing agility, visibility, or control. In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss the Container Security Tool Landscape
  • How Synopsys fits in Software Quality
  • Why Open Source Management Matters
  • Black Duck Architecture
  • Black Duck OpsSight 2.0 Integration Architecture
  • Black Duck OpsSight Demonstration


Dave Meurer 

Alliances Technical Manager at Black Duck by Synopsys