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August 7, 2019



Jenkins X has been out for a year. The open source project is now part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Why is Jenkins X so important for the development of cloud native applications on Kubernetes? How does Jenkins X play in the world of CI/CD-aaS? Who’s using it and why? Learn how Jenkins X solves some of the most difficult challenges for continuous delivery.


Viktor Farcic, Principal Software Delivery Strategist in Sales & Marketing, CloudBees

Viktor Farcic is the  Principal Software Delivery Strategist in Sales & Marketing at CloudBees, a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains groups, and published author.

His big passions are DevOps, Microservices, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences (latest can be found here).

He published The DevOps Toolkit Series and Test-Driven Java Development.

His random thoughts and tutorials can be found in his blog




Ethan Jones, Director Product Management, CloudBees

Ethan is a product management lead at CloudBees, focusing on CodeShip and Jenkins X. He joined CloudBees through the CodeShip acquisition in 2017 and has a background in product management focused on early-stage software startups.