September 12, 2017

Is a Monolith Standing in the Way of Your Digital Transformation? Refactor for Better Agility

Monolithic applications are defined as single-tiered software in which the user interface and data access code is combined into a single application for a single platform. Monoliths can impact your ability to create APIs, deliver capability quickly, and even perform routine application maintenance. Refactoring is the antidote to monolithic software. It can result in improved team agility and autonomy, plus it  paves the way for API creation. Learn how DevOps for the Enterprise software can help you refactor- from discovery of your z/OS assets and impact analysis, to the modularization task itself, including editing, compiling, testing, and debugging.



Bill Alexander - IBM

Bill Alexander has over 25 years of experience in mainframe application development.  Before joining IBM, Bill developed and supported COBOL batch and CICS applications for MetLife and Bank of America. Since joining IBM he has been involved in the design and development of various middleware and tooling products.  Currently Bill is an Architect on the DevOps for Enterprise Systems team with primary focus on IBM Developer for z Systems.  Bill holds multiple patents and can often be found presenting at various conferences regarding methods to increase the productivity of mainframe application developers.



Paul Pilotto - IBM

Paul Pilotto started his career in 1983 in the IBM Mainframe space as a COBOL/CICS/DL1 developer. In 1995 he started his own company and for 21 years he leaded his company successfully from a 4GL Migration company to a broader Enterprise Modernization technology centric company. Since December 2016 Paul joined IBM to enforce the Worldwide ADDI team as a solution architect with his broad vision and knowledge of the entire Application Development, Collaborative Lifecycle Management and DevOps business in a heterogeneous IT spectrum where the center of technology always is Mainframe specific. Paul is very interested in the innovation of technology and always tries to translate that into a System z context. Paul is often a speaker at international IBM Mainframe and former Rational related conferences and build-up extensive relationships with IBM product specialists.