Sponsored by CloudPassage

March 21,2018


One of the biggest challenges of adopting containerization is fast and effective vulnerability management. In this webinar, we will examine how containers and image vulnerability assessment can be integrated into DevSecOps tools and processes. 

We will discuss integrating tools like Jenkins, Chef, and Puppet into the DevSecOps toolchain, and explore the tools that will help DevOps teams generate fast, meaningful feedback. The end-result is left-shifting security into the development pipeline, which reduces the cost of fixing security bugs, and enables continuous compliance.


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Jenks Gibbons, Senior Solution Architect

W. Jenks Gibbons is currently working as a Cloud Security Evangelist at CloudPassage. Jenks has spent his career as a Solutions Architect focusing his time on security as well as software process development improvements. This journey has included roles at Widevine Technologies, YouTube and currently CloudPassage. His focus has been in areas such as DRM for video, workload security, and continuous integration, continuous deployment.