February 20, 2018


2017 ushered DevOps into the enterprise mainstream but minimal progress has been made by enterprise organizations in their ability to deliver software value faster with less cost and less risk.  To succeed in today’s complex and demanding environment and become a truly digital enterprise, companies need to be just as effective in their digital factories as we have become in our physical manufacturing environments. 

Join CollabNet’s Logan Daigle, DevOps Strategist and Agile Coach, as he examines some of the current technical challenges within our software value streams and identifies proven approaches that can dramatically accelerate digital transformation.  Learn how:

  • The Software Value Stream Is Unique
  • DevOps is Both the Problem and the Solution
  • Value Stream Management (VSM) Benefits Business and Technology Stakeholders
  • VSM Has Advantages for Specific Key Job Roles
  • And, Much More!



Logan Daigle, DevOps Strategist and Agile Coach with CollabNet 

Logan is a DevOps Strategist and Agile Coach with CollabNet from Charlotte, NC. He has been involved with providing and implementing DevOps solutions since 2011. He has development and DevOps experience in the military, government, healthcare, retail and finance industries. Logan has a passion for being Agile, doing DevOps well and using agile engineering practices to build, test and deploy software. His experiences have been in support of both Windows and Linux infrastructure, and many tools that are key to the success of applications in both. He is currently focusing on evangelizing in the technology community to bring DevOps to the masses. You can follow Logan on Twitter @TheDevOpsGuru.