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Integrate Petabyte-Scale Storage From Infinidat Into Your OpenShift Environments


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Wednesday, June 30, 2021
1 p.m. ET
Consistency and simplicity are critical to support mixed workloads at petabyte scale. If environments are created manually, how long does it take to reproduce them? Would dev, staging, and production end up exactly the same? Automation can help with these types of problems.
Reproducibility, portability, and clarity can be improved by using Infrastructure as Code methods. Infinidat InfiniBox storage systems include powerful APIs and ecosystem integrations that make it easy to automate virtually all administrative tasks, and enable tools such as Ansible to automate and quickly stand up storage-intensive environments.
In this technical webinar, we'll demonstrate how Infinidat leverages these approaches to stand up OpenShift clusters as part of our Test Driven Development Framework when developing our Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins.
David Ohlemacher
Sr. Dev/Ops Engineer - Infinidat
Sr. Dev/Ops Engineer - Infinidat
Sr. Dev/Ops Engineer - Infinidat
Sr. Dev/Ops Engineer - Infinidat

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