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Improve Your Database Performance With Amazon Aurora And Datadog
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If data is the new global currency, then databases serve as the 'vault' that surrounds and protects this valuable asset. Databases are a critical component of every organization’s tech stack, enabling everything from application development to customer experience to site reliability engineering. But traditional database monitoring acts in a silo, leading to slow investigations and frustration among teams that depend on that data.

In this Techstrong Learning Experience, Casey Culligan, product manager at Datadog, and Varma Gottumukkala, senior database specialist SA  at AWS, will show you how to gain a complete view of your databases hosted on AWS with Datadog.

You'll learn:

  • How to modernize your databases along with the rest of your AWS tech stack
  • How to troubleshoot your databases using alerting, wait events, blocking query data and application perspective with distributed traces and service metrics
  • How to optimize database performance with historical query metrics and explain plans

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Varma Gottumukkala
Senior Database Specialist SA - AWS
Varma Gottumukkala is a senior Database specialist Solutions Architect at AWS. Prior to joining AWS 18 months ago, Varma worked at multiple fortune 100 companies over last 21 years in various roles in Software Engineering, Engineering Management, Product Management and Enterprise Architecture. Varma lives in Frisco, TX and has a Master’s degree in Engineering Mathematics 
Casey Culligan
Product Manager - Datadog
Casey Culligan is a NYC-based Product Manager at Datadog that specializes in Database Monitoring. She holds a BS in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Science from Tufts University. Formerly a Backend Engineer at VMware, she contributed to the Carbon Black Defense product during her time there. While at Tufts, she collaborated with HubSpot's Security Engineering and Compliance teams to improve company processes and develop security tooling.