IdentityManagement.jpgOctober 31, 2017


You're a sysadmin moving fast into the world of DevOps. Continuous integration, scaling, virtualization. It’s where you want to be and it’s what your organization needs from you. But how much of your time do you actually get to spend practicing DevOps? Too many ops and IT personnel are at the mercy of their infrastructure. DevOps is about automation, yet your time is consumed with antiquated tooling, manual processes, and endless growth.

Every time a new employee comes on board, leaves, or gets promoted there's a whole range of management tasks to execute – and not just in one environment, but across all of your disparate environments, systems, networks, and apps that live on-prem and in the cloud. Your new user needs an account on their MacBook, SSH keys for Linux servers in AWS, VPN credentials, access to Jira you’re managing on-prem, Github repositories, Ansible/Chef/Puppet/Salt, and Jenkins for deployment, communication via Slack and more. There is your morning. And that’s one employee. You’ve got to onboard 5 more.

This webinar features the story of Nick Laferriere, a DevOps engineer at Tamr who found a way to automate identity management across his 100s of virtual servers and all the resources his team require access to. Using JumpCloud, manual LDAP tasks and account provisioning that used to take over an hour per employee now take Laferriere only five minutes. The result is more time to focus on the DevOps that really matters.


What You'll Learn:

  • Automating server management with LDAP
  • Streamlining onboarding and offboarding for DevOps personnel
  •  Implementing RADIUS for network security
  • Unifying DevOps credentials across Github, Chef, Puppet, etc.


Greg Keller, Chief Product Officer, JumpCloud

Greg is JumpCloud's Chief Product Officer, overseeing the product management team, product vision and go-to-market execution for the company's Directory-as-a-Service offering. The SaaS-based platform re-imagines Active Directory and LDAP for the cloud era, securely connecting and managing employees, their devices and IT applications.



Nicholas Laferriere, 

DevOps Engineer, Tamr

Nick is the lead devops engineer at Tamr in Cambridge, MA. Tamr is the enterprise data unification company trusted by industry leaders like GE, Toyota, Thomson Reuters, GSK, HP, and Amgen.