influxdb fi.jpg July 11, 2017


Other than InfluxDB and the open source Tick Stack, InfluxData provides a SaaS version of the TICK Stack, called InfluxCloud, that supports clustering, authentication and other enterprise features not found in the open source TICK Stack. InfluxCloud is designed to be easy to use and reliable for our customers, as they rely on this service to store time series data gathered from sensors, servers, and other devices that is the foundation for their own SLAs for their products and services. This means InfluxCloud requires an even higher standard of service in order to help them maintain their service level commitments.

To support our customers, the InfluxData support team analyses and investigates an entire pool of 1.000+ instances running on AWS on a daily basis. Since version 1.0 of InfluxCloud, InfluxData has relied on our own TICK Stack, CoreOS and Docker to provide control and maintainability.

During this talk, Gianluca Arbezzano will share our learnings and what best practices
we developed.



Gianluca Arbezzano, SRE at InfluxData and Docker Captain

Gianluca Arbezzano is an Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData. He was previously a Software Engineer focused on PHP development for CurrencyFair. He is a big Open Source contributor for several projects including and not limited to Zend Framework, Docker, and InfluxDB. He is also a Docker Captain and a member of the Doctrine ORM developers team.  Gianluca is passionate about helping teams improve their development environment using continuous integration, automation and modern tools to work better and faster. He embraces the DevOps culture, open source contributor, blogger and speaker. He writes code in PHP, golang, js and other languages. Gianluca tweets at @GianArb.