Security Blunders

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December 4, 2019

1 PM ET 

DevOps teams often face competing, even conflicting, objectives. Deliver business capabilities with speed and stability, while, at the same time, deliver cloud native applications that are secure and meet governance and compliance requirements. But in the quest for velocity, has security been left behind? Unfortunately, the answer is commonly “yes”.

With password, access control, and other security shortcomings on the rise, how does a DevOps stay at the peak of productivity, while ensuring best-practices security? 

Join and industry expert, Mitchell Ashley, who will expose common mistakes DevOps teams make and provide guidance on how to remedy them for good. He’ll also discuss:

  • The essential role of privileged access management (PAM) across DevOps
  • How to build PAM early into the development process, toolchain, automated CI/CD, testing, cloud infrastructure, and application security
  • Common DevOps and security pitfalls
  • How to streamline and automate the management of secrets (passwords, tokens, keys, certificates) in development, test, and production environments to tighten DevOps security, while not skipping a beat.

 This will be a webinar you won’t want to miss!



Mitch Ashley,

Director Research Analysis, MediaOps

Mitch Ashley is a leader of growth businesses, spinouts and turn arounds in cloud, SaaS, cybersecurity, wired and wireless broadband and IT. Mitch serves in business as well as technology product and IT leadership roles. He currently provides services through Converging Network where he works with companies on new cloud, security, wireless and digital transformation strategies.

Mitch interviews industry technology leaders on the DevOps Chat podcast about DevOps, containers and cybersecurity. Blogging and podcasting since 2006, Mitch blogs for where he is launching a new podcast on leadership titled Lead People, Manage Things.  He’s written for or appeared in, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, CIO, InfoWorld, PC World, InformationWeek, CRN, USA Today and others.

Jason Jones - headshot

Jason Jones,

Senior Product Manager, BeyondTrust

Jason has been building business applications and software products going on 15 years. With a background in Development, QA, Product Management, and wearing as many hats as possible at a medical startup, he has extensive experience with the entire product lifecycle. Jason has been working on BeyondTrust products for the past 7 years and has a primary focus on our Privileged Password and Session Management solutions.