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June 27, 2019

1 PM ET 


Downtime is inevitable — how your team responds is what matters.

We all know that service degradation and outages are going to happen, especially as organizations increase their system complexity and their pace of change. It’s not a matter of if your organization will face this threat, but when.

However, total disaster is not inevitable. With a robust incident management plan in place, your team can recover from downtime quickly to mitigate revenue loss, customer churn, brand backlash and employee burnout. The answer is not to slow down the business, it’s to respond more effectively when incidents occur.

Join Splunk + VictorOps' Director of Product Marketing, Bill Emmett, for a live webinar on Thursday, June 27th at 1pm EDT to learn:

  • The essential components of an effective incident management plan
  • How to instill key downtime recovery principles in a team of any size or level
  • Tools to reduce MTTA/MTTR and power continuous improvement with greater automation, transparency and collaboration

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Bill Emmett, Director, Product Marketing 

Splunk + VictorOps

Bill Emmett is currently Director, Product Marketing at Splunk + VictorOps. In this role, Bill is responsible for Splunk’s marketing around incident response and VictorOps product marketing. Bill has been with Splunk for five years. As a 25+ year veteran in the IT Operations Management market, Bill has held various marketing, IT, and R&D roles with HP Software and BMC Software.  You can connect with Bill via Twitter at @billemmett000. Bill has an MBA and Bachelors Degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems at Colorado State University and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.