June 14


Join Aaron Pacheco, Program Manager for Infrastructure Services at Acquia, and Patrick Lin, VP Products at SignalFx, for a deep dive on alerting best practices in cloud-based environments. For many enterprises, determining the best alert conditions for scale-out, elastic architectures is a complex, time-consuming process and often results in alert noise. Learn how to create, deploy and tune alerts to set your team up for success and hear how Acquia improved its monitoring insights with SignalFx.


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Aaron “Checo” Pacheco, Program Manager, Infrastructure Services, Acquia

Aaron “Checo” Pacheco is the Program Manager for Infrastructure Services at Acquia. His job is to ensure that Acquia's various technical teams have the tools, services, and processes in place to operate as efficiently as possible. Prior to moving to Engineering, Aaron held key roles on Acquia’s  Global Support Team as a Product Supportability Manager and a Senior Support Engineer.


Patrick Lin, VP, Product and Partnerships at SignalFx

Patrick leads Product and Partnerships at SignalFx. Previously, he held senior leadership positions in Product Management at Jive Software and VMware. Patrick is passionate about building products that customers love.