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How Continuous Testing Can Help Make the Right Tradeoffs Between Security Guards and Customer Experience


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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
11 a.m. ET

As app flows constantly change, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that the appropriate app security guards are in place and to uphold app performance. By leveraging product agnostic best practices, enterprises can maintain optimal app performance and security tuning, to balance user experience and app security requirements. As such, for organizations to optimize their testing processes, they need full visibility into all paths of execution within applications -- in order to locate every potential vulnerability that can be exploited, upon release. In addition to the above, these in-app vulnerabilities can lead to data leakages, IP theft, reverse engineering and tampering -- which may lead to back-end compromises. How do organizations execute performance tests, in order to ensure that as new releases and changes are being made to software, app security is being maintained to guard against common threats?

Join this webinar to learn how deploying a continuous testing solution in tandem with app security allows teams to gain better visibility into their DevTest process. Learn how organizations that automate their mobile app security testing and validation process not only help mitigate risk, but also ensure better and safer experiences for customers. During this presentation you will learn:

  • The benefits of automating app testing and validation
  • Tips to optimize app security while scaling your testing process
  • How to gain full visibility into all paths of execution and in-app vulnerabilities
  • The importance of executing tests early and often to minimize the impact from defects and security risks
Guy Arieli
CTO, Continuous Testing – Digital.ai
CTO, Continuous Testing – Digital.ai
CTO, Continuous Testing – Digital.ai
CTO, Continuous Testing – Digital.ai
Mike Woodard
Product Owner, Digital.ai App Protection – Digital.ai
Product Owner, Digital.ai App Protection – Digital.ai
Product Owner, Digital.ai App Protection – Digital.ai

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