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Got DevOps?
 DevOps, Platform Engineering and SRE: The Dynamic Trio

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Thursday, May 30th

11 am ET

DevOps, Platform Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) have transformed how we create software, fuel our teams with common platforms and configurations, and elevate our applications' and infrastructure's resilience and performance. As relatively new disciplines, both platform engineering and SRE refine and enhance how we develop, deploy, and operate software, ensuring robustness, scalability, and efficiency. Understanding how these disciplines effectively collaborate and synergize with our DevOps efforts can set our teams apart, making for an unbeatable dynamic trio.

In this live roundtable webinar, we bring together a panel of DevOps, Platform Engineering and SRE experts. These thought leaders will share their depth of knowledge, experiences and insights through an engaging roundtable discussion. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with our panelists, gaining real-world perspectives and actionable strategies highlighting collaboration between these disciplines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Practices: Learn how to integrate Platform Engineering and SRE effectively with your DevOps practices to create efficiencies and improved workflows.
  • Tools and Technologies: Discover the latest technologies at the forefront of Platform Engineering and SRE, and how they work fluidly with DevOps.
  • Scaling Operations: Understand the principles of scaling operations effectively to handle increased demand and complexity without sacrificing reliability.
  • Cultural Shifts: Explore the necessary cultural shifts within teams to foster a collaborative environment where Platform Engineering, SRE, and DevOps thrive together.

This webinar is ideal for DevOps professionals, system engineers, platform engineers, operations professionals, development and operations managers, and anyone involved in the software development lifecycle looking to enhance their organizations' effectiveness.

Join Us: Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your DevOps strategy with the integrated power of Platform Engineering and SRE. Register now to secure your spot in this transformative discussion and drive greater value in your software development and operational efforts!

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Hope Lynch

Senior Director, Platform - CloudBees
Hope Lynch is senior director, platform at CloudBees. In her role, Hope and her team analyze the market for data, insights and trends, put together competitive intelligence and support the overall competitive strategy for the company. Hope works to understand shifts and trends in the market and CloudBees' position in relationship to them, enabling her colleagues to have the right information at the right time.
Nick Durkin_

Nick Durkin

Field CTO - Harness
Nick Durkin is Field CTO for Harness, the first software delivery platform to use AI to simplify DevOps processes, including CI, CD, feature flags, cloud costs, chaos engineering and much more. He is responsible for the organization's worldwide field engineering team, post-sales engineering team, and a portion of product. He previously held technical and executive roles at OverOps, DataTorrent, and Zelle (Early Warning), where he ran critical infrastructure for the United States government. He also served as lead architect for the Department of Homeland Security’s Financial Institution - Verifying Identity Credential Service (FIVICS) initiative, where he developed several patents for anti-fraud technologies that are currently in use not only by the federal government but also by some of the world's largest financial institutions. Nick has been recognized for his ability to help multiple early stage companies find market fit, get their first customers and build a team and strategy for growth and profitability.
Mitch Ashley-Nov-06-2023-07-47-05-3785-PM

Mitch Ashley

Principal, Techstrong Research and CTO, Techstrong Group
Mitchell Ashley is a renowned strategist and technology executive. Mitchell has led successful IT, SaaS, and cybersecurity transformations. He’s led multiple teams in developing and bringing to market successful online services, cybersecurity, and networking products and services. Mitch serves as Principal of Techstrong Research where he leads a team of preeminent experts in digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native, and cybersecurity. In this role, Mitch works with companies to align digital transformation and technology strategies to achieve disruptive goals and high-impact results. Mitch is in high demand as a speaker at conferences the world over, and his popular DevOps Chats podcast engaging with digital leaders is one of the most widely followed in the field.