Sponsored by Plutora

August 7 , 2019

11 AM ET

Moving software organizations away from inspecting for quality in large batches to building in quality as the code is written is one of the biggest opportunities for improvement for most organizations. It is also the change that most organizations get wrong.

Join Gary Gruver, President of Gruver Consulting and Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing from Plutora for an engaging conversation where you’ll learn:

  • A structured approach you can use for building in quality
  • Systematic steps for ensuring a stable quality signal
  • How to use gating in combination with build acceptance test and product control charts to continually improve quality over time

We will have a drawing for Gary's book at the end of the webinar for attendees online.



Gary Gruver

President, Gruver Consulting

Gary is an experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development processes and working with executives in large organizations and is the co-author of A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development. 

As VP of QE, Release, and Operations at he led their transition to continuous delivery. 


Jeff Keyes

Director of Product Marketing, Plutora

Jeff has spent his career writing code, designing software features and UI, running dev and test teams, consulting and evangelizing product messaging.  Outside of 6 years at Microsoft, he has been primarily focused on growing startup companies.