Sponsored by DeployHub

July 10, 2019

11 AM ET 

Managing a monolithic application is very similar to putting together a lego kit.  You help your kids build it, and then set it on a shelf to admire.  Afterall, playing with it might break it.  But microservice based applications are more like Transformers.  They change.  And when you are continuously deploying smaller parts of a larger application, you absolutely must have a method of tracking the changes, their configurations, versions and dependencies.  This webinar will review how to manage a transforming application that is no longer one static package. We will discuss what configuration management means to a microservice based application and how it is key to a successful implementation of a service-based architecture. 


Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub

Tracy Ragan is CEO of DeployHub.  She is expert in configuration management practices, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and all things ALM.  She currently services as a board member to the Continuous Delivery Foundation as the General Member Representative.  She was also a founding Board Member of the Eclipse Organization. Tracy and her team at OpenMake Software recognized the paradigm shift in pipeline management that microservices and Kubernetes required.  This led to the formation of a new company, DeployHub Inc., with the mission to provide high performing software teams a platform to share, configure and version microservices and their dependencies.  DeployHub is based on the Ortelius open source project.