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 April 25, 2018

1 PM ET 

Containers are increasingly used by enterprises to accelerate agile development by eliminating friction from of software development.  Containers are easily built, deployed and updated without reliance on permanent infrastructure.  However, these dynamic container environments also bring a challenge when deployed in production, especially with respect to monitoring and security.

To address these challenges, Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform provides a fully managed container platform. In addition, the Sysdig Container Intelligence Platform, brings a container-native monitoring and security solution that gives you full visibility and control of your OpenShift environment. Sysdig provides workflows to  proactively scale, and manage your application performance across your private and public cloud infrastructure.  



Knox Anderson, Product Marketing Manager

Knox Anderson is a container aficionado, working in product marketing at Sysdig focused on security and forensic solutions for containers and microservices.



Eric_webEric Carter, Director of Product Marketing

Eric is Director of Product Marketing at Sysdig focused on monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and security solutions for containers and microservices. He’s been helping enterprises optimize and accelerate systems and applications for more than two decades.