November 7, 2017

1pm ET 

While Monitoring and Alerting are a core activity for DevOps teams, many challenges remain in achieving effective incident management. To to this, highly effective incident management teams are trending away from traditional, static monitoring tools and instead turn to metrics and statistical analysis as their primary approach.


Prometheus has been a leading force in the adoption of time-series metric collection. The open-source platform has seen significant adoption in recent years because it provides a scalable approach to collecting metrics from applications, systems, and infrastructure. With strong support for container/microservices environments, Prometheus has become the go-to solution for metric-based analysis and monitoring.


Join Brian Brazil and Matthew Boeckman on November 7th as they detail an end-to-end monitoring and incident management workflow between Prometheus and VictorOps. The presentation will go in-depth into setting up a standalone Prometheus server to monitor vital parts of your infrastructure, and then building in push alerts through Alertmanager and VictorOps to drive dynamic incident management workflows.










Brian Brazil
Founder, Robust Perception

Brian Brazil is a core developer of Prometheus and the founder of Robust Perception. He works across the Prometheus ecosystem, and is involved in areas such as best practices, exporters, PromQL semantics and client libraries. He is the main writer of the Reliable Insights blog, which regularly covers Prometheus topics.


Matthew Boeckman
Technology Strategist, VictorOps

Matthew is an 18 year veteran building infrastructure and leading engineering teams. Despite his heavy Ops background, Matthew has been a longtime friend of Developers and considers DevOps his primary passion and focus. Most recently VP of Infrastructure at Craftsy, Matthew is now a Developer Advocate with VictorOps - providing focused consulting and content for teams looking to expand their DevOps practice.