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Eliminating Security Gaps in the Software Supply Chain – A Collaborative Approach


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Code is everywhere. Code makes up applications, drives cloud environments, is used for infrastructure configuration, runs operational systems and manages data. Rapid application development leverages open source and pre-designed components to make up a software bill of materials (SBOM). As supply chain attacks have taken center stage, organizations need to take a full-stack approach that involves development and security teams to ensure security for the software supply chain.

Join Ajay Arora, president, COO and co-founder of BluBracket, as he leads a panel discussion with other industry experts that looks at security from open source to infrastructure and why it's imperative to take a comprehensive view.

Key takeaways:

  • As software supply chain threats have evolved, learn why code has become the new threat vector
  • Who owns supply chain security? How should enterprises respond?
  • Identifying high-risk content in code and how to address it
  • Steps you can take to keep your organization safe
Ajay Arora
President, COO & Co-Founder - BluBracket, Inc.
Ajay Arora is the President/COO and Co-Founder of code security company BluBracket. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software. Prior to BluBracket Ajay co-founded security company Vera. Previously Ajay co-founded RAPsphere, a mobile security company which was acquired by AppSense. He also served as vice president of Products and Services at Mashery (acquired by Intel).
Jim Zemlin
Executive Director - The Linux Foundation
Jim Zemlin is Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. In this role, he has helped industries navigate transitions from proprietary software to a world in which almost all infrastructure technology is built collaboratively with open source. Zemlin’s work has helped create industry support for open source software, from the Core Infrastructure Initiative, which supports projects critical to cybersecurity, and Let’s Encrypt to transformative projects such as Hyperledger, the open source blockchain project working to provide distributed trust online. Home to the most influential open source project in history, Linux, and its creator, Linus Torvalds, the Linux Foundation is focused on sustaining the greatest shared resources of our time and protecting them for generations to come.
Randall Degges
Head of Developer Relations & Community - Snyk, Inc.
Randall Degges runs Developer Relations & Community at Snyk where he works on security research, development, and education. Randall's realms of expertise include Python, JavaScript, and Go development, web security, cryptography, and infrastructure security. In his spare time, Randall writes articles and gives talks advocating for security best practices. Randall also builds and contributes to various open-source security tools. Randall's realms of expertise include Python, JavaScript, and Go development, web security, cryptography, and infrastructure security.

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