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Don't Panic! Effective Incident Response


Think About Your Audience Before Choosing a Webinar Title

Sponsored by PagerDuty

Thursday, January 14, 2021
11 a.m. SGT / 2 p.m. AEDT

In any fast-paced engineering environment, unexpected incidents can arise and escalate without warning. Without strong leadership within teams, you get chaotic, stressful, and tiring situations that waste valuable engineering time, slow down resolution, and most importantly, impact your customers.

Operationally mature organisations use proven incident response systems led by Incident Commanders. Incident Commanders provide the leadership needed to help stabilize major incidents fast. 

In this webinar, we’ll take lessons learned from formalized incident response, such as those used by first responders, and show you how to apply those same practices to your organization. By utilising these methods you’ll improve both the speed and effectiveness of your team’s response, reducing the amount of downtime experienced.

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Be introduced to the Incident Command System and learn how it can be adapted to their organisation
  • Walk through the basics of incident response best practices
  • Discuss examples of formal incident response from multiple organisations
Julie Gunderson
DevOps Advocate - PagerDuty

Julie Gunderson is a DevOps advocate at PagerDuty, where she works to further the adoption of DevOps best practices and methodologies. She has been actively involved in the DevOps space for over five years and is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations understand how to leverage DevOps and develop amazing cultures. Julie has delivered talks at conferences such as DevOpsDays, Velocity, Agile Conf, OSCON and more, as well as being community moderator at opensource.com. Julie is also a founding member and co-organizer of DevOpsDays Boise. In her off time Julie can be found either traipsing through the mountains in Idaho, or making circuit boards into wearable art.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

You’ve probably written a hundred abstracts in your day, but have you come up with a template that really seems to resonate? Go back through your past webinar inventory and see what events produced the most registrants. Sure – this will vary by topic but what got their attention initially was the description you wrote.

Paint a mental image of the benefits of attending your webinar. Often times this can be summarized in the title of your event. Your prospects may not even make it to the body of the message, so get your point across immediately.  Capture their attention, pique their interest, and push them towards the desired action (i.e. signing up for your event). You have to make them focus and you have to do it fast. Using an active voice and bullet points is great way to do this.

Always add key takeaways. Something like this....In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • You know you’ve cringed at misspellings and improper grammar before, so don’t get caught making the same mistake.
  • Get a second or even third set of eyes to review your work.
  • It reflects on your professionalism even if it has nothing to do with your event.