Data-Fumble Sponsored by IBM

  July 12, 2018



Today, we have proven techniques for many DevOps practices. For provisioning a new environment, we apply file based environment definitions to dynamic infrastructure: Helm for Kubernetes, Heat for OpenStack or Terraform for other clouds. For automating an application deployment, we can turn to basic pipelines like Jenkins provides or release automation tools like IBM UrbanCode deploy.

However, one area is a constant sticking point. Data. A provisioned test lab is useless without test data. Automated deployment tied to a manual schema update is only as fast as good as the DBA's working by hand. Meanwhile, data is different. There can be a lot of it. It's often sensitive. Changes to schema are generally incremental. Naively applying something like Terraform to the data problem is a recipe for trouble.

There is good news. Tools that specialize in managing databases are easy to integrate into your DevOps toolchain. Join Actifio's Jay Livens, DBmaestro's Yaniv Yehuda and IBM's Eric Minick for a lively conversation examining how to overcome this stumbling block.

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Yaniv Yehuda,Co-Founder and CTO, DBmaestro

Yaniv Yehuda is the Co-Founder and CTO of DBmaestro, an enterprise software development company focusing on database development and deployment technologies. Yaniv has over 30 years of experience in software engineering, design and development. In recent years, his focus has been on raising awareness about the challenges around database process modernization, and how to support database Continuous Delivery.






Jay Livens, Senior Director, Product Marketing,

Jay Livens is part of the product team at Actifio.  Actifio delivers automated database cloning and data protection technologies.  Jay has spent over 15 years building, managing and creating IT strategies and has worked at a range of companies focused on storage and data protection.  He spends his time evangelizing the benefits of instant database clone creation both locally and in the cloud, and the efficiencies it brings to DevOps and data management.



Eric Minick, Product Management Lead for Continuous Delivery, IBM

Eric is internationally recognized as a leading authority on continuous delivery and DevOps. With a background developing delivery tools, he has helped dozens of Global 2000 companies implement modern delivery approaches. Today, he sets the strategy for the IBM UrbanCode product line.