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DevOps-vs-SRE Sponsored by Mesosphere

June 26, 2018



There is a transformation brewing for DevOps in age of Kubernetes. The tools of the trade, configuration management solutions, have been superseded in agility and preference by development teams who want the declarative choreography of containerized applications. The new preference for mixing developer and operations is the site reliability engineering (SRE) model championed by Google. In this new structure, the need to automate doesn’t stop at the containerized application and DevOps professionals should seek to automate the Kubernetes service itself.  

In this webinar, Chris Gaun, Product Marketing Manager at Mesosphere, will cover:

  • The transformation of DevOps to SRE
  • How Kubernetes and DC/OS were catalyst for this change
  • How DevOps professionals can get started with Kubernetes 


  • Tech Professionals
  • Developer Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Note the material is technical and is not intended as sales and marketing training


Chris Gaun,  Product Marketing at Mesosphere

Chris is a product marketing manager at Mesosphere and a CNCF Ambassador. He formerly worked as an analyst at Gartner covering public IaaS. Before that, he was a physicist that did computational modeling in quantum chemistry. He lives in Mississippi with his wife Jasmin and dog Panda.

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  • Twitter @gaunetes