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May 13, 2019

1 PM ET 

Shifting security left in the software development life cycle is helping make applications more secure as organizations incorporate security earlier in the development process. But what tools are available to enable this shift left, and what features are necessary in ensuring a smooth DevSecOps process?

In this webinar, we’ll look at the DevSecOps tools space and discuss some of the more important things to consider when choosing the right tool for your toolchain, including:

  • Open source or proprietary: Which is a better fit for your company?
  • Integration: How well does the tool integrate with other tools in the DevOps toolchain, as well as other technologies in your organization?
  • Fit for purpose or general: Which is better, a tool designed for one task or one that handles multiple tasks in the toolchain?
  • Ensuring visibility:  How can DevOps teams observe and prevent attacks against their web applications?
  • Threat response:  What tools are helpful in discovering, triaging, and responding to threats?

Register today and join us for what is sure to be an interesting discussion.


David Habusha, VP Product at WhiteSource,

Over the last 20 years, David held senior positions in Product Management and R&D management. David led product management teams for more than 10 years in large ISVs (Symantec, Veritas, Precise and OpTier) and startups, taking products from concept to market leaders. David is the Co-Founder of MyPermissions, a world leader in online privacy protection and is the founder of, a p2p file sharing network, the 4th most downloaded software for more than 8 years. David holds BSc in computer science cum laude from the Tel Aviv Open university. 


 Dan Beauregard

VP, Cloud & DevOps Evangelist, XebiaLabs

Dan Beauregard is a Cloud & DevOps Evangelist at XebiaLabs.  Dan has held senior director roles in both solution engineering and product management at various cloud disrupting companies (Scalr, OneCloud, DynamicOps-acquired by VMware) where he helped transform the Cloud Management Platform market by helping organizations adopt the latest in cloud technologies.  Dan has over 10 year’s experience working with the cloud and has been a Certified Solution Architect with AWS since 2014.  Dan spent his first 10 years in development, focused on building highly distributed, fault-tolerant systems for leading storage companies (EMC, Cereva Networks & Data General).

Dan holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  He enjoys golfing and skiing in his spare time.  Follow him on Twitter @dbeau72.


Cody Wood

AppSec Product Support Engineer, Signal Sciences

Dirt miner turned application security fanatic. Often straddling multiple departments and roles, the appsec bug bit Cody in Houston, TX at the Threat Research Center working for Whitehat Security.  Cody has also worked for brief periods in both builder and breaker roles. At Signal Scienecs, he currently focuses on researching and expanding Signal Sciences vulnerability specific rules coverage.